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Automatic Transmission Repair

Experienced Technicians
At Affordable Transmission and Auto Repair, we have years of experience troubleshooting and repairing today's complex computerized automatic transmissions. We have master technicians on staff who are proficient in all domestic and import vehicles.

Inspection and Diagnostics
If you are experiencing rough or sudden shifting, grinding noises, fluid leaks, or if your transmission won't shift, we can help. Our experienced technicians will:

Attach a scanner to your vehicle's on-board computer
Read the diagnostic codes Cross reference our extensive repair database
Test drive your vehicle where appropriate
Perform a physical inspection of your vehicle's drive train components
Check the condition and levels of the fluid your transmission, differential, and transfer case
Repair Estimate
We will give you a detailed estimate before we start work so that the chances for unpleasant surprises are minimized. If we discover additional issues while repairing your vehicle, we will always contact you before performing additional work.

Transmission Repair Services
At Affordable Transmission and Auto Repair, we offer complete drive train maintenance and repair services. If needed we will do a complete tear-down on your unit, replace any worn or damaged components and re-assemble your transmission with all new seals, o-rings, bushings, clutches, and gaskets. Some of the repair services we offer include:

Leak Repair
Fluid flush and replace
Transmission Rebuild, replacement, or repair
Torque Converter
Transfer case
CV Axles inspect and repair
4X4 Check-out and repair
Performance Diesel repair and maintenance
Nationwide Warranty
We offer a nationwide warranty that is honored at any NAPA AutoCenter shop in the US. You can rest assured that your repaired or rebuilt transmission is always covered no matter where you travel.