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Clutch Replacement

Manual Transmission Clutch
All vehicles with a Manual Transmission (or "Stick Shift") use a clutch to transfer the energy from the engine flywheel to the transmission. A complete clutch assembly would include a clutch pressure plate, a clutch friction plate, a throw-out bearing, a pilot bushing, and a clutch alignment device. The components work together to ensure that when you press and release the clutch pedal, the friction plate and flywheel are smoothly engaged and disengaged.

Clutch Linkage
In order for your vehicle to disengage the clutch so that you can change gears, your clutch pedal must be connected to the clutch throw-out bearing in some way. Some cars use a mechanical linkage through a cable or other direct connection. Many newer vehicles use a hydraulic linkage that shares the brake fluid from the brake system as the hydraulic fluid for the clutch linkage. Either way, if you are having trouble getting your vehicle to disengage the clutch or shift gears, come in right away so we can help you get back into good running condition.

Clutch Replacement
The clutch assembly uses friction to connect your clutch plate to the engine flywheel, so every time you change gears there is a little bit of wear and tear on your clutch components. If you have trouble shifting, hear a clunking or grinding noise when you shift, or if your clutch pedal fails to release the clutch, let us help you diagnose and repair your clutch and manual transmission. We offer manual transmission and clutch repair services in Boise, Kuna, Nampa, Caldwell, and the treasure valley. We offer pickup and delivery services if required.

Nationwide Warranty
We offer a nationwide warranty that is honored at any NAPA AutoCenter shop in the US. You can rest assured that your clutch repair is always covered no matter where you travel.