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Computer Diagnostics

Engine Control Computer
All modern vehicles contain at least one computer to control the operation of the engine, drive train, and various accessories. The computer receives input from sensors and components all over your vehicle so that it can detect driving conditions and control engine functions. Sensors on your car may include:

Oxygen sensor
Air pressure sensor
Air temperature sensor
Engine temperature sensor
Throttle position sensor
Knock sensor
By receiving input from these sensors, the computer can control fuel injectors, spark plug timing, and idle speed to ensure that your engine runs at peak efficiency while minimizing emissions.

Other Computer-controlled Systems
In addition to your engine control computer, your car may have many other computers to control various vehicle components. Other systems that may have computer control are:

Automatic Transmissions
Anti-Lock braking
Some airbag systems
Advanced climate control
Cruise control
Audio and Video systems
Trained Technicians
Our highly trained technicians have spent countless hours studying, diagnosing, and repairing today's modern computerized vehicles. If your check engine light or other dashboard warning is displayed, let us check it out without delay. Our state of the art computer diagnostic equipment can communicate with the various computer systems in your car to read failure codes and warning conditions. With that information, we can quickly and accurately determine the required repair and get you back on the road.