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Check Engine Light On

It's happened to all of us. We get into the car and notice that the check engine light is on. Or maybe failed an emission test due to your light being on? What do I do now?

At Affordable Transmission Repair, we can quickly and easily scan your vehicle's computer and pull the engine codes for you. With that information, we can help you determine if it is a minor problem (like tightening the gas cap) or if further diagnostic or repair is required.

The check engine light on your car is the first line of communication between you and your vehicle. It can signal many kinds of problems. Your check engine light can indicate that the following types of systems need attention:

Automatic transmission
Fuel system
Emissions control system
Oxygen sensor
Spark plugs or spark plug wires
Exhaust gas recirculation system
Head gasket
A wet engine
As you can see a check engine light can signal a very minor and transitory issue, or a major problem requiring immediate attention. Whatever you do, please don't ignore this indicator. At Affordable Transmission Repair, we will pull the codes without charge and help you make a plan to keep your car running smoothly. Once we've pulled the codes and discussed your repair options, we can re-set your computer so the check engine light won't continue to bother you.